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Run 4 a healthy life

Both our first time joining a running event. And being late for the category we signed up for. We had an equivalent tiring fun nonetheless running(?) the 5k.

Run 4 a healthy life 2

The crowd is on fire.

Run 4 a healthy life 1

Proof of our participation (POOP).

Cove Sands 01

Cove Sands Beach Resort in Siaton silently holds one of the best sea spot of the southern resort-filled stretch of Negros Oriental coastline. Just about 50 kilometers from the capital Dumaguete.

The resort boasts of its almost-white sand beach, kid-friendly pools, and native yet modern cottages built along the cliffs.

Food is also a thing to not miss here. They had a tasteful buffet setup on that Saturday night. And an option of American or Filipino breakfast.

There was no internet connection, no cable tv, and almost non-existent mobile network service. I’m not complaining.

Know more about Cove Sands Beach Resort at covesands.com or Facebook.

Looking forward to seeing this thrash legends this April!


Marketing got the better of me and chose Five Ten Freerider VXi as my first REAL mountain biking shoe. I’ve been using New Balance trail running shoes for 3 years on my mtb rides because I thought it’d be cool to run with one of those when you can’t pedal through the climbs anymore. Well, that’s true, it’s easier to run on a running shoe but the new year says I try something new – and stop running. Of course.

This new shoe, they say, uses the same rubber that Tom Cruise used for his movie which was shot in Dubai. I haven’t seen that movie but I may need to check it out for the shoe’s sake.

I’ve used this shoe on my 98 kilometer ride today and I can say they feel PURRFECT. Hear more about this in the months to come. (Review links below)

Bring on the new Nick D. mountain biking and malling shoe already shall I?


On feet

Hear are some of the reviews this shoe got:

Hear what one of my clients thought of my work:


Using a prepaid simcard is always economical. Not until you receive text messages from any “4-digit access numbers” that the pictured telecom companies’ tech support confirmed. Automatic deductions may range from 5-20 pesos once the message hit your inbox. Ouch!

Access numbers that I know you should unsubscribe to is 3456 and 2626.

I am a solid Globe user on my mobile so I can’t say if it is also an issue with other providers.